Google Next 2019: Day 4


Day four, the final day. Well, the final day of the actual conference, anyway. The day started like the others. Wake up, go for a run, grab some coffee on the walk to the conference. Probably the best part of the day, to be honest. Not that today was particularly bad or anything but it’s hard to beat coffee and stroll through downtown SF.

The first talk on the schedule today was a security track about identity management in GCP. Unfortunately, due to timezone struggles, I slept in too late and didn’t make it. I’m sure the talk was great but I have no ability to report anything about it.

I had two other talks scheduled for the day. One of them was at 11:40PM, GCP: Move Fast and Don’t Break Things. The second was 1:15PM titled Repeatable GCP Environments at Scale With Cloud Build Infra-As-Code Pipelines. The astute reader at this point is probably wondering when I got lunch in between this… well, I had to sacrifice one of them. I went to the talk on repeatable builds.

The repeatable builds talk was actually really good. They talked about using Terraform, as well as Deployment Manager, to define your infrastructure in code and use cloud builds with forseti policy enforcement to do some sanity checking and build tests before deploying to production. Overall, I came away with a few nice tidbits of information that will hopefully help improve our overall GCP experience.

After the talks were over the team went out for drinks with some Googlers. Then a few of us went over to Berkeley, CA for dinner.

I have one full day left in SF. I have to work from the office for the day but I hope to have enough time to go see a few things before I leave.

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