Ted Wood


Systems Engineer

Self taught and motivated professional consistently recognized for providing high level technical expertise and creative solutions to hard, large scale problems. Proficiency with Kubernetes, Unix operating systems and Puppet as well as Jenkins and Terraform for automating cloud infrastructure.

Business Skills

Terraform and Google Cloud

Lead Engineer in the development of a maintainable and scalable solution for cloud resources management within GCP. Extensive experience working with Terraform in conjuction with Atlantis and Jenkins to automate the testing and deployment of infrastructure code maintainined in a shared git repository.


Member of a small team responsible for developing and driving the adoption of Kuberentes and service based architecture as a replacement for an aging monolithic application and system stack.


Used puppet to manage a fleet of over 2000 physical servers across multiple datacenters. Comfortable with all aspects of puppet management from module developement to the creation and maintenance of roles and profiles for a variety of system classifications.

Unix Operating Systems

Over 15 years of home Linux use and 8 years of professional use. Primary familiarity with RedHat Enterprise Linux (CentOS) and secondary with Ubuntu Linux. Intermediate experience with FreeBSD for use of ZFS based network file storage.

Professional Experience


Systems Engineer – 2016 - present

Georgia Tech Research Institute

Senior IT Support Professional – 2011 - 2016

CareStream Dental Systems

Helpdesk Support – 2009 - 2011

iLearn Inc.

QA and Technical Support – 2008 - 2009

Personal Interests

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