I am a Systems Engineer based in Atlanta, GA, currently in the employment of MailChimp and co-founder of HashIT Mining. This is my personal website. The views expressed here are my own and in no way reflect those of my employer. If you have issues with anything posted here, please contact me via email, tedward at xy0 dot org.

Personal Passions

My hobbies and passions change with the wind. I’ve tried to list some of the longer surviving ones here.

Professional Interests

Like my personal passions, the professional interests are subject to change with the ever changing needs of business. Below I’ve attempted to compile a list of some of the technologies that have stuck around in my professional life for more than a fleeting moment.

Club/Group Memberships

I’m currently a regular member of a few local and international interest groups. I’ve listed them below with links to where you can get more information about these groups: