The Platfrastructure Life

Blog and Website and Mplayer

I like to listen to at work. I also like to do everything (as much as possible) in the command line so I don’t have to context switch between applications too much. For years I’ve used mplayer to listen in. I eventually got tired of forgetting the playlist URL and wrote the following bash function so that I’d only have to remember the name of the playlist I wanted.

Building GRPC on CentOS 6

When transitioning from a monolithic application towards a more service oriented architecture you’re likely to either have a period where you have a hybrid setup until all services are split out of the monolith or make the conscious decision to leave some things be either temporarily or for the long term. Does this mean you should have to sacrifice consistency in your API? NO! In my case, I was dealing with servers as part of a monolithic application running on CentOS 6.

Repairing a Raspberry Pi Boot Partition

The power at my home went out the other day. When it came back on, my ADSB receiver running on a Raspberry Pi, however, did not. It would flash green for a moment and then stop all activity. Plugging it up to a monitor confirmed my fear, it booted to the dreaded rainbow screen and no further. This meant the filesystem was likely corrupt. This post will walk you through my troubleshooting steps and ultimate resolution of this issue.

Gophercon Day 3

Yes, you’re not lost. I skipped day 2. Not physically but for the purposes of this blog I’ll be skipping it. Why you ask? It’s simple, I am a day late updating this thing and nothing memorable must have happened because I don’t remember anything specific about the day. The talks were good; I was able to make it in to the ones I wanted this time. I won a plushie Gopher doll at the Google booth.

GopherCon Day 1

GopherCon 2017 day 1 has concluded. From my perspective, it was a good day. The talks were good. The hallway track was, as always, great. The food, fantastic. The crowds, overwhelming. The day started off with the keynote by Tammy Butow. From there, Russ Cox provided a look at the future of the Go language. After the break for coffee the day resumed with an attempt to see Liz Rice’s talk on Syscalls.

GopherCon Day 0

I landed in Denver, CO yesterday for GopherCon 2017. I’ve never been to Denver before. I didn’t know what to expect upon landing. I had heard things, of course. Mostly through what I hear in the media. So, naturally, the only thing I knew was that Marjuana was legal and widely available through shops all over the state. What I wasn’t expecting, however, was what I saw upon approach to land at the airport.

Automating the Site with Hugo and Terraform

Introduction I’d like to start with a some background. This site is hosted on Digital Ocean. This site is built using Hugo. I deploy this site using Terraform. It runs on the lowest end $5/month droplet from Digital Ocean. If This sounds appealing to you, read further. We’ll be discussing how you too can have a blog site without the need for heavy CMS software like Wordpress, etc. Summary In this post we’ll work through the process of running a simple blogging site using Hugo.


This is my first hugo post. There will be a post to follow about how I built it.