GopherCon Day 1


GopherCon 2017 day 1 has concluded. From my perspective, it was a good day. The talks were good. The hallway track was, as always, great. The food, fantastic. The crowds, overwhelming.

The day started off with the keynote by Tammy Butow. From there, Russ Cox provided a look at the future of the Go language. After the break for coffee the day resumed with an attempt to see Liz Rice’s talk on Syscalls. I say an atempt was made because the crowds at GopherCon this year were unexpected both by me and the GopherCon team. Popular track rooms quickly filled and many people were unable to attend. This trend continued throughout the day. Thankfully, with better planning, the afternoon tracks went better.

At 2PM Kelsey Hightower spoke about the possibilities of self deploying Go applications on Kubernetes. This talk was informative and, as alwys, entertaining. I question the practicality of his proposals in production but the idea of an application being able to self deploy to a Kubernetes cluster is definitely worth further exploration.

That concluded the talks I attended for the day. There was another failed attempt in the afternoon to attend the talk on Go Anti-Patterns, again due to over crowding.

I look forward to the rest of the week.

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